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The Demon Hound

Chapter I Crime Undetectable
Chapter II Unexpected Moves
Chapter III Allies In The Dark
Chapter IV In The Library
Chapter V Regrouping
Chapter VI Holy Water
Chapter VII Shifting Enemies
Chapter VIII A United Front
(Side adventure)
Chapter IX Breaking Through
Chapter X Glasyalabolas
Chapter XI The Aftermath
Epilogue I
(Second epilogue on Courtney's LJ to come)

Many, many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] reymonkey for her tireless work in illustration, and of course to [livejournal.com profile] courtneycrumrin who helped plot the whole idea out and of course write this story. Feel free to comment, here or on any chapter.
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Aspirin can only do so much, and The Shadow is past due for a rest by the time he returns to his own world, but there are details to clear up first. The PINpoint makes things easier, but it’s still a chore to return Derring’s body to the bookshop. Physically incapable of dragging him upstairs, The Shadow manages to fine tune the PINpoint to take them both the short distance from downstairs to the upper room where the circle remains. Another trip brings up the books. A few of the volumes strike him as suspicious enough to hold onto, but the rest he dumps beside the body. Garbage bags removed, Derring is left sprawled on the floor with them, his head inside the chalk circle. The Shadow has taken a little time to prepare for this, and brought lighter fluid, which he pours lightly along the chalked line. Bending with difficulty, he relights the ceremonial candles, and tips just one.
From the doorway he watches long enough to see the fire crackling it’s way through floorboards, and slowly working at the remains of the man who caused the trouble. There will be questions, ones the police are not likely to ever find answers to. The bullet can’t be helped. He is too tired to care. When the upper story begins to become a dangerous place to stand, he slips downstairs and out, to call the fire department before any neighbouring buildings are threatened. Then The Shadow slips down an alley, calls a cab in the next street, and makes his way toward the Sanctum. Burbank will be notified. The case is closed, and that’s all the agents need to know.
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Chapter I
Crime Undetectable

In his semi-retirement, The Shadow no longer troubles himself with even murders unless the circumstances seem unusual, or the police are at a loss to find the culprit. He has always preferred to weasel out the more hidden crimes the law has overlooked. Nonetheless it’s hard not to notice when the murder rate rises rapidly. Many of the suspects are caught quickly, with motives frequently involving flaring tempers coinciding with easily available means. Men and women who have walked a line in their lives are, one way or another, pushed to their limits and past them. In the bustling, mad city of New York, these are everyday crimes. News of the details reaches The Shadow’s ears, by newspaper, radio, television, and his agents via Burbank. His agents are fewer these days, Burbank’s hours more limited, but still the reports come in. There’s little the agents can find about the individual homicides that the police miss, but as the numbers rise each day the larger picture points to some greater crime. The Shadow briefly entertains the idea that he’s growing paranoid in his old age, but gradually the nature of the reports begins to change.Read more... )


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