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I think this may be the first time I have ever attended a wedding as just myself.

I was invited.
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The Shadow's gifts are sent out in the very early morning hours of Christmas day, by PINpoint. It is his last task after a long night of stalking the streets with Myra, averting a house robbery or two. He may have kept an agent working past midnight Christmas Eve, but this year no one can call him Scrooge (although they may blame Myra's player for the subject heading).

Courtney and her uncle Aloysius receive a nice tea chest with a selection of teas, and a book on the art of fighting with the Katana. It's never too early to learn a new weapon skill.

Victor receives a sumi-e painting set, with a proper ink block and brushes and a book on the art itself, and a bag of very good coffee beans.

Sarah Branigan receives a basket of baking supplies, a small assortment of teas, a bag of very good coffee, and a small jade sculpture of a rabbit. He has no idea what animals she likes, but he's more appreciative of her putting up with him on the medical front than he's willing to say aloud.

Metody receives a tiny knitted black stocking, appropriately sized for use as an ornament, and a very real human skull. Sometimes it's best not to ask, but The Shadow does have a collection of extremely odd trophies from his cases. Whoever the skull belonged to was dead some decades before The Shadow encountered his skull, at least.

Burbank and his assistant receive a huge fruit basket (so much of what they have to eat is whatever keeps well), and a stack of movies on videotape.

Ichi receives several bottles of sake and a warm, soft sweater, which he will find unexpectedly on the kitchen counter. Whether he's even aware there's a holiday seems debatable, so it may just be a pleasant surprise.

Harry, who knows his chief just well enough to anticipate the strange fit of generosity and beat him to the punch with a small gift earlier in the week, receives a mug full of subway tokens and money marked 'cab fare' to augment his more recently regained mobility, a few oranges, and a sweater.

Myra, who will likely sleep late after he's kept her up diverting burglars, will find a store-bought stocking on her couch. It contains a small can of mace, a plastic keychain that's meant to turn one's keys into a makeshift weapon against muggers and the like, extra ammunition for her Walther PPK, tea, and a small jade sculpture of a tiger. It's a strange assortment to be sure, but very clearly thought-out all the same.


Sep. 22nd, 2009 10:47 pm
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The Shadow has been splitting his time between the Sanctum and the apartment of James Rettigue, but only one of these locations is a place for guests. The coffee table is a solid mass of paperwork, although there are signs of order in the form of stacks. The furniture is sleek and black, modern even for its time. One wall of the living room is dominated by a tall picture window that overlooks the city, but the curtains are half drawn. From the kitchen the scent of fresh coffee drifts, but The Shadow is not used to entertaining. The spartan feel to the place, broken only by his paperwork, does not give a welcoming feel.
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The recent hate crime is at last sufficient to break The Shadow's self-imposed physical restrictions. Although he knows the wound in his shoulder is very far from healed, he places the case above his physical well-being, assuming the work will be more tedious than strenuous, in any case. The police have no leads at all, as hate crimes are often committed by otherwise ordinary citizens. The neighbours are somewhat suspect, especially considering how late into the morning they reported it, but they are close-mouthed and fairly law-abiding community.
The Shadow is upon the scene the night after the crime, seeking any incriminating clues. What he finds takes the rest of the day's research to produce anything hopeful, but the next night he seeks out a teenage boy that has fallen under his suspicion. His approach is careful, but the boy reacts with first contempt, then fear at the questions that come from the very darkness around him.

When he runs, The Shadow does not hesitate to follow. The boy has a slight lead, but The Shadow's long strides carry him after easily, around a corner, dodging a dumpster, and vaulting over a low fence. He is nearly upon the boy at that move, but as he clears the fence his very breath seems to go very wrong within his chest. Rather than landing with soundless grace and catching the boy's clothes, he stumbles and fetches against the alley wall, gasping. As the footsteps vanish into the distance, The Shadow struggles for air and finds that breathing in feels like the worst thing he could possibly do. He fumbles for his PINpoint, pulls up the default coordinates for the Nexus Clinics, and pushes the button as he sinks to his knees.


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