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This is an offer of apologies to whomever needs it. I have a terrible tendency to vanish in March; it is not, by and large, a good month for me for personal reasons. This year I was distracted early finishing up a gift for my girl's birthday, which turned out lovely, and then... the rest of March simply swallowed me whole. I loathe St. Patrick's Day with a passion, and there was an unpleasant anniversary earlier this week.

I remain interested in RP, and hope my friends will forgive my repeatedly wayward habits.
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I find it a bit painful to look at, but that may just be my old eyes.

Nexus 100 Table )
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Title: Points of Blue
Fandom: The Shadow
Characters: The Shadow
Prompt: 015 Blue
Word Count: 174
Rating: G
Summary: A scene never seen.
Author's Notes: I’m not particularly fond of blue eyes, myself, but The Shadow’s are always shown such an unusually dark and vivid blue that it seems somehow significant.

Points of Blue )
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Title: The Vial
Fandom: The Shadow
Characters: The Shadow, hint of agents.
Prompt: 16 Purple
Word Count: 264
Rating: PG
Summary: Brief ramble on drinking… various things.
Author's Notes: In the pulps, in a handful of them, The Shadow has a small vial of purple mystery liquid which he uses only in the extremity of weakness. He drinks it perhaps two or three times in all the stories, and I believe has someone else drink it once. It seems to grant one strength to overcome injury of all kinds and combat the effects of poison or drugs. Walter Gibson never explained what’s in it, but it seems almost certainly very illegal. No wonder it’s so rarely used.

The Vial )
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Another OOC post, but just in case anyone who might be interested hasn't heard, there should be brand-new Shadow comics in stores this April. I'm looking forward to these!
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Goodness, it has been a while, far, far too long in fact, since I was posting on here. Now we've had a move to another host and all sorts of chaos. I apologize for my long term absence, and to anyone I might have left hanging in threads although I don't believe I did too much of that. Tensions and chaos simply ran too high in our household, and the last year has been full of unpleasant incidents. I don't mean to sound like a temperamental writer or somesuch, but my ability to focus on roleplay simply faded to nothing.
I'm missing this old fellow, though, and now that we've transferred to Dreamwidth I can only hope my favorite players and characters have transferred over as well. I feel as though I'm still finding my way here, poking about a bit to get The Shadow's voice back. He's always tricky to play because he's so impolite and I'm forever removing softening modifiers to his speech.

At any rate, it's good to be back, and I'm hoping to play with friends again soon!
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I'm quite looking forward to this... The Shadow himself might be slightly less pleased to be reminded of his age.
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I suppose I'm game. Leave a comment and I'll write something for whichever of the following you choose, but I don't promise it will be any good. Either version of Thorn is allowed, as well as The Shadow, and possibly Aloysius if you ask nicely.

1. Playful!
2. Murderous!
3. Flailing!
4. Incarcerated!
5. Deviant!
6. Ill!
7. Intoxicated!
8. Wildly Inappropriate!
9. Eloquent!
10. Cooking!
11. Over-protective!
12. Wanker!
13. Silly!
14. Romantic!
15. Silent-Treatment!
16. Bedtime!
17. Jealous!
18. Inquisitive!
19. Confused!
20. Sexy!
21. Angry!
22. Dorky!
23. Working!
24. Needs-a-Hug!
25. Choose-your-own!
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This is going around and I suppose I'm game. Characters include The Shadow of course, two versions of Thorn, Aloysius Crumrin, and I used to play Mad-Eye Moody...

Select a character I RP or write and I will answer the following 12 questions for you.

01. What would your character die for?
02. What would they refuse to do under any circumstances?
03. What do they dream about?
04. What single object would they be most hard pressed to part with? Why?
05. What is their fondest memory?
06. What is their worst memory?
07. What or who was were their most significant influence?
08. What would be their biggest nightmare?
09. What makes them laugh?
10. Who is the most important person in their life?
11. Is your character a virgin? If not, who was their first?
12. Ask whatever question you want!
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I've given my characters a healthy dose of Veritaserum and now they have to tell the truth. None of them are likely to be terribly happy about this, at all. They all guard their secrets closely. What does this mean for you? Ask my characters questions about anything and everything and they will truthfully answer it. So, go ahead and ask what you want. They can't beat around the bush with half-truths.

This applies to any and all of my characters:
[livejournal.com profile] evillurks
[livejournal.com profile] name_of_thorn
[livejournal.com profile] janitor_thorn
[livejournal.com profile] a_crumrin
Any others you can think of that are no longer active, as well... Replies will be slow.
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Life, and work on a longer piece of fan fiction have slowed me up a bit on these. I also tend to be reluctant to post the ones I'm less happy with, although sometimes days of prodding at them doesn't improve them much.

Calm before a Storm )

Leaf Light )

Too Much )

Of Course he takes it Black )
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One month more )

The Work of an Hour )

Dim Reflection )

The Measure of his Days )

Marks of the Years )

I realized I've been remiss in posting these, and I still have several more waiting to see the light of the internet. To make up for the long break in posting, I thought I should post a larger batch. The order is deliberate, a sort of a rough chronological timeline. I seem to have been writing more depressing ones as of late...
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It seemed appropriate to put these up as a set.

Evil in the mind )

Changing faces )
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This strikes me as a terribly dangerous undertaking, particularly when I was in the middle of working on Nexus 100 prompts. Here, then, is The Shadow as I play him. I apologize in advance for any conflicts with other people's perceptions of the character, but with the limited insight Gibson gave to his motivations and personal psychology, there seems some room for interpretation.

The New, Improved Character Survey of Doom )


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