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I find it a bit painful to look at, but that may just be my old eyes.

Nexus 100 Table )
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Title: Points of Blue
Fandom: The Shadow
Characters: The Shadow
Prompt: 015 Blue
Word Count: 174
Rating: G
Summary: A scene never seen.
Author's Notes: I’m not particularly fond of blue eyes, myself, but The Shadow’s are always shown such an unusually dark and vivid blue that it seems somehow significant.

Points of Blue )
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Title: The Vial
Fandom: The Shadow
Characters: The Shadow, hint of agents.
Prompt: 16 Purple
Word Count: 264
Rating: PG
Summary: Brief ramble on drinking… various things.
Author's Notes: In the pulps, in a handful of them, The Shadow has a small vial of purple mystery liquid which he uses only in the extremity of weakness. He drinks it perhaps two or three times in all the stories, and I believe has someone else drink it once. It seems to grant one strength to overcome injury of all kinds and combat the effects of poison or drugs. Walter Gibson never explained what’s in it, but it seems almost certainly very illegal. No wonder it’s so rarely used.

The Vial )
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I keep trying to work on the longer fan fiction, and instead all these random bits of writing come along and beat up my brain. It's a bit like being mugged, and I feel bruised and slightly bewildered after the rush of words have poured out. This is so long it might as well be considered a proper short story. Four pages in Word. It would have taken place somewhere are the late Sixties or Early Seventies, for anyone who cares.

Crossroads )
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Life, and work on a longer piece of fan fiction have slowed me up a bit on these. I also tend to be reluctant to post the ones I'm less happy with, although sometimes days of prodding at them doesn't improve them much.

Calm before a Storm )

Leaf Light )

Too Much )

Of Course he takes it Black )
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One month more )

The Work of an Hour )

Dim Reflection )

The Measure of his Days )

Marks of the Years )

I realized I've been remiss in posting these, and I still have several more waiting to see the light of the internet. To make up for the long break in posting, I thought I should post a larger batch. The order is deliberate, a sort of a rough chronological timeline. I seem to have been writing more depressing ones as of late...
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It seemed appropriate to put these up as a set.

Evil in the mind )

Changing faces )
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Several more for the Nexus 100, table tomorrow as I have a bad headache tonight and haven't been at the computer all day.

Sunlight on Mountains )

The Shadow works alone )

Margot Pain )
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I do believe I'm taking on the task generally known as the Nexus100, perhaps against my better judgement since I never did finish it for Thorn. Table and additional prompts to be posted shortly, since I've written half a dozen or so already.

Title: Rising from the shadows
Fandom: The Shadow
Characters: The Shadow (Kent Allard & other aliases)
Prompt: 001 Beginnings
Word Count: 380
Rating: G
Summary: The Shadow’s prehistory in brief.
Author's Notes: This started off as ‘Years’, but as I wrote it I realized it was more or less a summary of his history leading to the start of his role as The Shadow.

Beginnings )


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