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The continued absence of Allen and Crumrin, among others, is a worry. I don't like being unable to do anything about it. If anyone knows of any developments on this matter, let me know.
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Temporarily unavailable.

(Locked to Friendslist)
In Nexus Clinics. Would appreciate reading material of any kind.

Not a word, Allen. Not one word.
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The recent hate crime is at last sufficient to break The Shadow's self-imposed physical restrictions. Although he knows the wound in his shoulder is very far from healed, he places the case above his physical well-being, assuming the work will be more tedious than strenuous, in any case. The police have no leads at all, as hate crimes are often committed by otherwise ordinary citizens. The neighbours are somewhat suspect, especially considering how late into the morning they reported it, but they are close-mouthed and fairly law-abiding community.
The Shadow is upon the scene the night after the crime, seeking any incriminating clues. What he finds takes the rest of the day's research to produce anything hopeful, but the next night he seeks out a teenage boy that has fallen under his suspicion. His approach is careful, but the boy reacts with first contempt, then fear at the questions that come from the very darkness around him.

When he runs, The Shadow does not hesitate to follow. The boy has a slight lead, but The Shadow's long strides carry him after easily, around a corner, dodging a dumpster, and vaulting over a low fence. He is nearly upon the boy at that move, but as he clears the fence his very breath seems to go very wrong within his chest. Rather than landing with soundless grace and catching the boy's clothes, he stumbles and fetches against the alley wall, gasping. As the footsteps vanish into the distance, The Shadow struggles for air and finds that breathing in feels like the worst thing he could possibly do. He fumbles for his PINpoint, pulls up the default coordinates for the Nexus Clinics, and pushes the button as he sinks to his knees.
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((Reposted/archived from Dear Multiverse on LiveJournal.))

A brown haired, brown eyed woman that looked to be in her late 20s walks into the main room with a perplexed look on her face and a small electronic device in the other that looks completely out of place with her era of outfit. She’s dressed from the 1930s in a light green dress with a purse slung over her shoulder. Her head is doffed with a small hat and she appears rather...touristy would be the best description. She’s trying to hide the fact that she’s no clue how she’s appeared here but as she looks up at the sign in the room the wheels behind her nearly-black eyes start to turn. The air of a lost tourist suddenly seems to fade as she regains her confidence. Myra is used to new and unexpected situations, she’s decided to treat this one just like the others, though, she has no clue where she is or how she got here. Not to mention she’s completely embarrassed for looking like a tourist. Had she known that this mission would drop her in the middle of, wherever this was, she would have picked something less garish. Holding up the small device she gives a quick glance at the strange conglomeration of characters. Anyone who looks up and cares to notice, recognizes the device and the sequence of numerals that are displayed on the front. They are coordinates for the Nexus.

“Why would anyone leave something like this sitting on a counter in an antique shop?”
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PINpoint text to [livejournal.com profile] metody_green:

Green- Your ability with bones requested if available. I am reachable by text, or in the Nexus question area. -The Shadow
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Idle curiosity.
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Should I be insulted? I don't know. It's a valid question. On the other hand, anyone who can ask it isn't in the business of crimefighting for the right reason. Whatever you do, you should be doing because that's who you are and you belong to it, body and soul. When that's the case, dropping it isn't an option.

I do wonder why this hasn't killed me yet.


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