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It has not been easy to pull things together so quickly, but The Shadow has a secured facility in upstate New York, and men he can trust to guard Ming. With the Myra Reldon of his own world dead for over a decade, Ming Dwan is an unknown. The agents he has ready to guard her have never heard the name, and no better than to ask too many questions, in any case.
The transportation from her world to his is the more complicated part of the arrangement, in the end, and he takes some liberties working in the other world. He does not dare to make use of the connections he once had, but he visits to arrange the rental of a private plane, under an alias his younger self has never used. The man who lands to pick up Ming comes alone, and asks to see Sayre directly. He is tall, with a piercing gaze, but his eyes are dark. An older man with silver hair, he is nevertheless clearly still strong and in good health. His features are plain, almost nondescript, and his featureless coveralls are a costume that allows him to add a little bulk to his narrow frame. Apart from his height, there is little to make him recognizable even to the young doctor.
Seeing Dr. Sayre again is almost painful, but the weathered, ordinary face shows no emotional reaction. He has some very secure bonds to place Ming in, and is quick to fly away with her, landing in an obscure and empty field miles away. She is sedated, and he guards her mind carefully even before PINpointing to his own dimension with her. Placed in a cell in an underground bunker, she is under heavy guard before he leaves, to return the rental plane and vanish quietly into the night. That brief trip is a test, and he finds guarding her mind and Myra's across dimensions difficult, but possible.

He has been in contact, if vague, about his arrangements, and sends off a message to let his alternate know Ming is safely locked up once more. Then he retires to the Sanctum to work, and strengthen the shielding around the minds of both women.


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