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The vast network of The Shadow is most put to the test when he himself is not there. Crime in New York does not take a break simply because its greatest foe is busy overseas. It is the job of his agents, then, to make sure that trouble on their home turf at least grows no worse. They must keep an eye on the deeper plots of the criminal underworld, collecting information as they stew, for the inevitable game of catch-up when their chief returns to the city. The increasing globalization of the internet, and a widespread agent use of modified PINpoints helps, keeping The Shadow abreast of developments hours after they occur, rather than days or weeks.

For several weeks, beginning before Thanksgiving, The Shadow has left New York in the care of his agents. He's been making a number of shorter trips overseas, and what he goes to do, even his agents do not know. It is the Burbanks alone, perhaps, who have some clue, as their chief absent-mindedly starts to answer a transmission in Russian. The newer techniques of communicating make it difficult for even his own communications experts to tell his exact location. By the time The Shadow returns to New York, there's much of interest on the news, but the crimefighter is already turning his attention to other things, ready to strike out at drug rings and arms dealer, and all the usual suspects. A vigilante's work is never done.
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The line into Kuwait has been crossed. Never before have I stood back from a war in my lifetime, but I cannot in good conscience interfere too deeply in this one.

Like an oil well, there is far more beneath the surface here than what shows above ground, and it must slowly be dragged up to light, but at what cost?

The war for truth is one that cannot be won, today.
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A 'War on drugs' should not be news the president has to announce.
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Matters in Tiananmen Square getting out of hand. Will be unavailable for immediate contact until further notice.
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This damn 'wilding' has gotten out of hand, and I can't be everywhere at once. There are times I wish I could.

Myra, be careful out there.
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The Shadow's gifts are sent by PINpoint.

Courtney and her uncle Aloysius receive a collection of teas, and for Courtney there is a book on sleight of hand and other practical magic tricks with a note slipped inside the front that reads, Sometimes, this kind of magic comes in useful, too. -S

Victor receives gourmet coffee, and a book on Tibetan sand painting.

Sarah Branigan receives a collection of teas, gourmet coffee, and a small framed print.

Metody receives gourmet coffee, a table-coffee book on China, and a small framed print.

Burbank and his assistant receive their usual large fruit basket, and a box full of music cassettes.

Ichi receives a bottle of sake, and another of scotch, a box of cinnamon rolls, and an array of music cassettes. After the party at Metody's, he assumes his gifts will be less of an unexpected surprise than they were last year.

Harry receives a gourmet coffee, a sweater, a small fruit basket, a gift certificate to a local bookstore in the amount of fifty dollars, and a small potted bamboo plant.

Myra receives gourmet coffee, a small fruit basket, a small potted bamboo plant, and a small unframed painting on silk. It is a little old, amateurish, and unsigned. It also appears to have spent some time rolled up, for storage or lengthy transport. What she will make of it, he does not ask, but he would not claim to be a true artist.
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June 29, 1986, AP-Bronx County, Manhattan, New York
Arrests were made this morning connected to the murder of the Al-Rahman family. Mr. Jonathon Henley is currently being held in police custody, along with his son, Richard Henley, aged 17. Police believe there were additional suspects involved who may be named by Mr. Henley, but no further names are being released at this time. Authorities have stated that the trial date is pending upon further arrests, and that Richard Henley will be tried separately due to his status as a minor.
Mrs. Alice Henley and their daughters were unavailable for comment.

This is an ugly business, and a victory that's cold to the bone. It's things like these that leave me feeling old, more than any injury ever could.
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June 17, 1986, AP-Bronx County, Manhattan, New York
On the morning of June 17 police were summoned to the home of the Al-Rahman family to find all four family members dead within. The call was recieved at 7:26 AM when neighbors noticed the front door hanging open, although evidence indicates the attack occurred overnight. The neighbors reported hearing no noises during the course of the night, and there does not appear to be gunplay involved, although the interior of the home was liberally marked with graffiti. Racial epithets and 'go home to Libya' were painted repeatedly throughout the house...

I will catch these murdering bastards.


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