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Not that I'm one to put stock in round numbers for their own sake, but I do feel cautiously optimistic about 1990. Here's to the new year.
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Dalai Lama awarded Nobel Peace Prize
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Agents take note: the first Global Positioning satellite launches today. Burbanks - be ready to receive information and contact me as soon as the private connection is confirmed.
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Year of the Earth Dragon. I could use a quieter, more reflective year, but I'm not counting on it.

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The Shadow's gifts are sent by PINpoint.

Courtney and her uncle Aloysius receive a collection of teas, and for Courtney there is a book on sleight of hand and other practical magic tricks with a note slipped inside the front that reads, Sometimes, this kind of magic comes in useful, too. -S

Victor receives gourmet coffee, and a book on Tibetan sand painting.

Sarah Branigan receives a collection of teas, gourmet coffee, and a small framed print.

Metody receives gourmet coffee, a table-coffee book on China, and a small framed print.

Burbank and his assistant receive their usual large fruit basket, and a box full of music cassettes.

Ichi receives a bottle of sake, and another of scotch, a box of cinnamon rolls, and an array of music cassettes. After the party at Metody's, he assumes his gifts will be less of an unexpected surprise than they were last year.

Harry receives a gourmet coffee, a sweater, a small fruit basket, a gift certificate to a local bookstore in the amount of fifty dollars, and a small potted bamboo plant.

Myra receives gourmet coffee, a small fruit basket, a small potted bamboo plant, and a small unframed painting on silk. It is a little old, amateurish, and unsigned. It also appears to have spent some time rolled up, for storage or lengthy transport. What she will make of it, he does not ask, but he would not claim to be a true artist.
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A message is sent out to all city agents, via Burbank. Most will receive letters with the familiar vanishing ink. Myra and Ichi will also get the message by PINpoint text message, marked as from Burbank rather than The Shadow directly. Chaz Walters will have to make do with the more traditional paper method, but she at least should be familiar with the notice from previous years.

All agents be available on standby evening of October 30 for Devil's Night. Individual instructions may or may not follow.


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