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A message is sent out to all city agents, via Burbank. Most will receive letters with the familiar vanishing ink. Myra and Ichi will also get the message by PINpoint text message, marked as from Burbank rather than The Shadow directly. Chaz Walters will have to make do with the more traditional paper method, but she at least should be familiar with the notice from previous years.

All agents be available on standby evening of October 30 for Devil's Night. Individual instructions may or may not follow.
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It is nearly a week after The Shadow's sobering visit to the Nexus before he invites Ichi for a drink.Read more... )
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The Shadow's gifts are sent out in the very early morning hours of Christmas day, by PINpoint. It is his last task after a long night of stalking the streets with Myra, averting a house robbery or two. He may have kept an agent working past midnight Christmas Eve, but this year no one can call him Scrooge (although they may blame Myra's player for the subject heading).

Courtney and her uncle Aloysius receive a nice tea chest with a selection of teas, and a book on the art of fighting with the Katana. It's never too early to learn a new weapon skill.

Victor receives a sumi-e painting set, with a proper ink block and brushes and a book on the art itself, and a bag of very good coffee beans.

Sarah Branigan receives a basket of baking supplies, a small assortment of teas, a bag of very good coffee, and a small jade sculpture of a rabbit. He has no idea what animals she likes, but he's more appreciative of her putting up with him on the medical front than he's willing to say aloud.

Metody receives a tiny knitted black stocking, appropriately sized for use as an ornament, and a very real human skull. Sometimes it's best not to ask, but The Shadow does have a collection of extremely odd trophies from his cases. Whoever the skull belonged to was dead some decades before The Shadow encountered his skull, at least.

Burbank and his assistant receive a huge fruit basket (so much of what they have to eat is whatever keeps well), and a stack of movies on videotape.

Ichi receives several bottles of sake and a warm, soft sweater, which he will find unexpectedly on the kitchen counter. Whether he's even aware there's a holiday seems debatable, so it may just be a pleasant surprise.

Harry, who knows his chief just well enough to anticipate the strange fit of generosity and beat him to the punch with a small gift earlier in the week, receives a mug full of subway tokens and money marked 'cab fare' to augment his more recently regained mobility, a few oranges, and a sweater.

Myra, who will likely sleep late after he's kept her up diverting burglars, will find a store-bought stocking on her couch. It contains a small can of mace, a plastic keychain that's meant to turn one's keys into a makeshift weapon against muggers and the like, extra ammunition for her Walther PPK, tea, and a small jade sculpture of a tiger. It's a strange assortment to be sure, but very clearly thought-out all the same.

Sake owed

Nov. 14th, 2009 03:24 pm
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The Rettigue apartment has sat empty for a few days, as The Shadow worked out of the Sanctum and another apartment across town, closer to the area he's been watching. With another drug ring at least temporarily stifled, he is ready to migrate back to this place that is the closest thing to a home he has.

He is also likely to arrive late to his own arranged meeting, leaving Ichi to jump at the opening of the door. The muted sounds beyond indicate a quiet hall rather than the outdoors, and the rattling cough that accompanies the entrance should reassure him to who is entering there.
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Now that he's growing accustomed to having her as a true agent again, Myra's recovery in her own world puts The Shadow slightly short-handed. He finds his own wheezing a severe liability whenever stealth is needed, forcing him to rely on other agents for quiet investigations. The alternate solution, and one he struggles to uphold, is to be supremely diligent in taking care of himself except when he truly needs to take to the streets firsthand. The restriction grates on his nerves, and coordinating agents to do some of the footwork takes up more time.
He is careful, following the unexpected incident in ancient Japan, and he is also busy. The drug market has gone fairly quiet, but there is a definite gradual increase in violent crime. Arresting the individuals involved seems to have no impact on this slow crescendo. The network is spread wide and thin, scratching the ground for clues. After a matter of days, The Shadow has done all he can do about the matter. Once again he must wait, sift the city through his agents, and hope some vital puzzle piece comes to light. On this break from work he recalls a social obligation. A morning outing has him arriving at the Rettigue apartment with sake and scotch. The place has been abandoned the past few days, but that means there's no paperwork to tidy. The grand spaces and spartan furnishings should make it a comfortable place for a blind man to visit.

When the sake is warm and the cups set out, he sends off an invitation, and then laughs quietly at his own unfamiliar attempt at hospitality.
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The Shadow has been making an effort to take a break from his work, nearly every day. The erratic quality of his schedule is an excuse, and he knows it. On the other hand the wheezing rattle that tends to rise in his lungs at the end of a twenty-hour day is a distressing reminder to take care of himself. He cannot quite erase the disapproving looks from Sarah Branigan and Myra from his mind, although he would never admit aloud they have any impact on his behavior.

Some days, however, chatting with the Nexus crowd is too much. He has never been a naturally social man, and there are days that the chatter wears on his nerves. Today he does not feel up to the babble of the crowd, and has sought out a more secluded area. Too restless to truly rest in his few hours off, he is cheating. Psychological peace of mind seems as important as physical health, and with that thought he can justify himself.

Off in the edge of the Nexus is a garden, half-ruined and damaged from a flood more than a year ago, the place is badly neglected. It is also quiet. Amid the sparse trees, The Shadow moves slowly through a Tai-Chi routine. He is dressed in a fashion he would consider sloppy, only a t-shirt and slacks, his feet bare in the grass.


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