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Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men… the Shadow knows.
The Shadow has been fighting crime in New York and abroad since 1931, and possibly much earlier than that under some other name. What name he was born with and the details of his history are known only to himself. With his extensive network of agents, his extraordinary skills and genius, and a pair of .45's he seeks to deal justice wherever the forces of law cannot.

He has been waging his battle against the darkness of men's hearts for a long time, through world wars and peacetime, through advances in technology and shifts in culture. His lifespan extended thanks to a mystical elixr given to him by his teachers in the East, he has continued his work up into the 1980's. He tried retirement once, briefly. It did not suit him. Many of his original agents are gone and the criminal world has changed. He has discovered a place between worlds called the Nexus that is both a gift and a detriment to his work. He is an old man, but he should not be underestimated. The Shadow will continue his fight against criminals until the day it kills him. That it hasn't yet means he's quite good at dodging death...

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This Journal was brought to you by the makers of Blue Coal. Be sure to ask your dealer for Blue Coal, the finest anthracite available, specially formulated for your home furnace. Blue Coal reminds you that this journal is for RP purposes only and no profit whatsoever is being made. The Shadow is a registered trademark of Advance Magazine Publishers Inc., copyright by Condé Nast, and was created by Walter Gibson in 1931, under the pen name Maxwell Grant. Icon artwork altered from various sources as noted in comments; Sidebar image altered from artwork by Alex Ross.
Mun and muse both well over the age of 18.
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