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Everything that kills me makes me feel alive...

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This is an offer of apologies to whomever needs it. I have a terrible tendency to vanish in March; it is not, by and large, a good month for me for personal reasons. This year I was distracted early finishing up a gift for my girl's birthday, which turned out lovely, and then... the rest of March simply swallowed me whole. I loathe St. Patrick's Day with a passion, and there was an unpleasant anniversary earlier this week.

I remain interested in RP, and hope my friends will forgive my repeatedly wayward habits.
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The line into Kuwait has been crossed. Never before have I stood back from a war in my lifetime, but I cannot in good conscience interfere too deeply in this one.

Like an oil well, there is far more beneath the surface here than what shows above ground, and it must slowly be dragged up to light, but at what cost?

The war for truth is one that cannot be won, today.
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There has been work for Myra in both worlds, over the past few years, but the older Shadow has been seen less by his agents, or at least by her, over the past year or two. Harry doesn't seem to have seen much of their chief, either, and the retreat might be a worrying one but the orders still come as usual, and there is still a relentless war on crime. Unseen and silent, The Shadow's hand shows in mobs gunned down unexpectedly and masters of crime meeting mysterious deaths. He's still hard at work, that much should be clear to his agents.

It's out of the blue, though, when Myra receives a PINpoint message in the very early hours of the morning. She may not even catch it until she wakes, and there seems to be no urgency. It's simply the address for the James Rettigue apartment, and '3:00PM'. It's from him, of course, without apology for a long absence of communication, nor any friendly social niceties such as asking how she's been. His mood and underlying motivations are impossible to guess.
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Not that I'm one to put stock in round numbers for their own sake, but I do feel cautiously optimistic about 1990. Here's to the new year.


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